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What Is An Environment Friendly Cable

Environment friendly cable is without poisonous content and won’t pollute air, earth, water etc. And this kind of cable in produced in accordance with relative cable standards of Germany and Japan.

Environment Friendly Cable Features:

1.     High Flame Retardancy

The environment friendly cable is not only difficult to burn but also prevents the spread of fire and the expansion of disasters after combustion.

2.     Halogeen Free

The environment friendly cable adopts green environmental protection insulation layer, sheath and special oxygen barrier material, which not only makes the environment friendly cable has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, but also ensures the product does not contain halogen and avoids the production of carcinogenic dioxin substances when traditional pvc cables are burned.

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3.     Low Toxin

The insulation and sheath of the environment friendly cable do not contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, which are harmful to the human body.

4.     No Corrosive Gas

Environment friendly cable will not produce toxic gases such as HCL during production, use and combustion, and emit very little acid gas. The damage is small for personnel, equipment and instruments.

5.     High Transmittance

The smoke generated by the environment friendly cable is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the fire fighting work. In general, the transmittance of environmentally friendly cable products is greater than 40%, which is much higher than the standard of light transmission of less than 20% in traditional flame retardant cables.

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6.     High Protection from UV or Water

This kind of performance can make the environment friendly cable not easy to be weathered during use, and to some extent slow down its aging speed and prolong its service life.

In general, environment friendly cables are a big trend. In recent years, the sales share of environment  friendly cable products has expanded dramatically. As environment friendly cables have the characteristics of being non-toxic and non-polluting to humans and the environment, high safety and reliability, and long service life, they are expected to become the mainstream of the cable market in the future.