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 The Largest Solar Power Plant in Southeast Asia Was Put Into Operation

Recently Vietnam has officially launched the largest solar power plant in southeast Asia, the Dau Tieng Solar Power Plant, capable of generating 688 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

According to the report Dau Tieng Solar Power Plant, a joint venture with Thai Industrial Group B.Grimm Power Public Company, is located in Xining province, about 100 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City, covers an area of 540 hectares with an investment of more than us $391 million and an installed capacity of 420 mw.

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The power plant, which was officially completed on Sept. 6 and is located next to the Dau Tieng reservoir, Vietnam's largest artificial lake, is expected to generate 10 percent of the country's solar energy to power 320,000 homes.

The plant will also reduce emissions of 595,000 tones of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, the company said.

Vietnam relies on hydropower and thermal power for its electricity supply. In the past few years, Vietnam has been trying to attract foreign investment to develop renewable energy, which is still in its initial stage of development.