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Bare Conductor Overhead Line Models & Selection

Generally we select bare conductors for outdoor overhead lines with voltage grades of 10kV and above.

Commonly used models and scope of application of bare conductors:

1. All Aluminum Conductor (AAC)
AAC has good conductivity, light weight, strong resistance to wind and rain, but poor resistance to chemical corrosion. It is mostly used for 6~10kV lines. Its bearing capacity is not high, and the rod distance does not exceed 100~125m.

2. Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
ACSR is mostly used in occasions with high mechanical strength requirements and overhead lines with voltage levels of 35kV and above.

overhead bare conductor lines

3. All Copper Conductor (ACC)
ACC has good conductivity, high mechanical strength, strong resistance to wind and rain and chemical corrosion, but the price is higher.

4. Antic-corrosion Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (Antic-corrosion ACSR)
Antic-corrosion ACSR has the characteristics of ACSR, and good antic-corrosion. It is generally used in coastal areas, saltwater lakes and chemical industry areas around the corrosive substances of high voltage and ultra-high voltage overhead lines.

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