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The Thicker the Cable Insulation, The Better The Cable Quality?


Many people believe that the thicker the insulation layer of the cable, the better the insulation performance, and the higher quality of the cable.


In fact, there are strict technical standards for the production of cables. Cables with thinner or thicker insulation than the standard are classified as unqualified products.

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In addition, once the cable insulation thickness exceeds the standard, the cable performance will be affected. Because in the working state, the working temperature of the cable conductor will continue to rise.

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Normally, this heat will be dissipated through the insulation. However, when the insulation layer is too thick, the heat is difficult to distribute, which will lead to the reduction of insulation performance, and may cause short circuit in serious cases, leading to greater safety hazards.


Therefore, when choosing cables, be sure to choose regular products that meet the standard requirements.