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What Are the Advantages of XLPE Cables

1. High Electrical Properties

XLPE almost completely maintains the inherent high electrical properties of PE, such as high breakdown strength, large insulation resistance, small dielectric number, and low dielectric loss tangent value.

2. High Transmission Capacity

Because XLPE has high heat resistance and aging resistance, tanδ value is small, and the long-term allowable operating temperature can reach 90℃, its transmission capacity is greatly improved.

xlpe cable

3. Small Weight per Unit Length

XLPE cable does not require a metal jacket, and the density of XLPE is small, so the weight of the cable per unit length is small, and it is convenient to lay it.

4. Simple Laying

XLPE insulated cable is a dry-insulated cable and does not contain impregnation, so it does not occur as the aging phenomenon caused by the downward flow of impregnation in paper insulated power cables, which is easy to high drop and vertical laying.

5. Good resistance to chemicals.

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